New York, the big batch

I have just uploaded the rest of my New York photos worth looking at (according to me). Take a look at them below and here
new york
This shot is taken from the empire state building, that we didn’t queue for! Yay!
newyork 55

The New York Public Library is AMAZING, Kylie got a bunch more cool shots. So fingers crossed he decided to have a blog or something so we can all see them!

newyork 54
Had a look around the Rockafella Center, no ice skating rink, but plenty of cool statues and shops. Inclucing Anthrolology! The shop i have ALWAYS want to see, girly stuff to the max.
newyork 30
They had two floors a Homeware and clothing types stuff all for the craftily inclined girl, who likes pretty things (sound like someone you know?) I went in on my day without boy and found some discount racks! Woo hoo! Brought a restrained but nice amount of stuff.
newyork 52
Central Park was huge and interesting. The squirrels are rather fat compared to their San Francisco and Michigan counterparts. I loved how it was surrounded by all the old buildings. Gave it the old school (but rich and affluent) mood.

newyork 39

Lastly but no least, we went to Phantom of the Opera and Wicked (no photos for that yet, need to upload). I had my little camera in those and want to show you how amazing the set was. Low light and cheaper camera means they didn’t turn out so well… but you can still tell how detailed the set is. ALSO the theatre Phantom was in is soo beautiful, there are more photos of that in my flickr.
newyork 31

I actually have a few more shots and cool stuff to talk about… maybe that will come later. For now, I think the above is enough to entertain…

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  1. Wow! Some amazing photos and such a variety. I’m sure every picture tells a story. Clever girl, so many talents:>)

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