The last on America

I can now promise this will be the last post written solely on my wee trip into America. I have uploaded the last 100 of my photos of the road trip and Michigan. We started in New York headed up the East Coat until we reach Arcadia National Park then inland through the White Mountains, Adirondack Park, Niagara Falls then straight to Michigan via Canada (lots of corn). In Michigan I got taken on another gourmet road trip by my brother Joseph and Mel around Michigan State. From the middle to the Great Lake on the West then up the lakes until we reached Mackinaw. Then back down the middle of the state home. Aren’t I lucky?
Macinaw bridgeFlat Michigan. Lots of trees
macinaw hotelmacinaw bridge
I also want to add the crafty goodness that was had once boy was disposed of (went to visit family in the UK) I went shopping with Mel’s (my sister in law) mum, Nancy. Nancy and I hit all the best yarn shops in our area, then i was taken to the amazing craft super stores followed by the fabulous and inspiring quilting shop, “Country Stitches” (i think.. Nancy am i right?). I was taught to quilt in the super duper done up basement full of sewing goodness and many years of making stuff and all the things that come with that. Machines, accessories, haberdashery goodness… seriously so cool! I had so much fun with my Michigan family and miss them soo much! Trying to be brave tho and look forward…. hey you guys wanna live in NZ? I think though, Skype will have to do for now.
otherside of lollipopmore sock yarn
The quilting setup...The bag Nancy made me
What did i make while traveling? A pair of socks for Kylie (i know, two years after saying i would knit a pair i ACTUALLY finished them) and a beret for me (crochet). Plus numerous dish cloths out of some cool cotton I got in a super duper craft store with Nancy.
sleeping bear dunesLittle fishing old village
Another Fabulously exciting thing thats happening is I’m moving in the with the Kylie. We are setting ourselves up with cats in a little place close to the section we are to build on. Big steps and its a little scary, but mostly pretty exciting. After traveling with the guy.. ya know, he’s pretty fun to be around, life would be rather dull without him! No doubt you will hear of the building and (sigh.. yay) the decorating. Stay tuned!

I have dotted photos throughout but the bulk (plus comments) are now in Flickr.. feel free to browse through those if you want to see more.

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