Its time to sell!

sale-bannerThe talking about this is over! As you can tell by the little buttons on the home page. I now have two little shops. One using Etsy (for all you foreigners!) and one for my New Zealand compatriots using Felt.

I brain stormed how best to go about selling these prints, or at least getting you all to even notice, the idea of a sale was pretty obvious. Everyone loves a bargain (or is that just me?). So grab one of my lovely prints for just $5 each. I have all sorts – for all sorts in there, so treat yourself or they would make a great Christmas gift. I even made them into a size you can easily buy a frame for.

I have all sorts of schemes afoot, so sign up to the blog, or my facebook page and you will be kept in the loop.

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2 thoughts on “Its time to sell!”

  1. Just wondering, is it possible to get some of the prints larger? I’m after something in a small poseter size…
    Feel free to flick me an email. Thanks

  2. Absolutely, i was going to see what images went before i decided what went big. I can go up to A3, what images would you like bigger, and how large? I can post them up on Felt if you like?

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