Canterbury Anniversary 2009

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Sheep, cows, big machines, chickens, alpacas and whatever else the rural community needs to show, sell or eat.. Yup we have our “show” this weekend. I spent most of my time looking at the sheep, getting caught by sheep that were herded to the show grounds and trying to get an alpaca to like me.. I like alpacas, their yarn is so lovely and soft to spin.
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One day I will have a little farm with sheep, alpacas, chickens and maybe a jersey cow or a horse…
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The food tent was YUMMO, went in the tent with ice creams. We very quickly saw that it was necessary to finish the ice creams and eat other foods, so we halted our progress and finished off the ice cream as fast as one can eat something that cold. Then drank and ate all the samples we could find, I left the tent feeling quite full and a little bit tipsy!
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Lots of photos on flickr! Oh and big thank you’s to those who have brought prints off me thus far! Its very exciting, wasn’t quite expecting such a lovely supportive response! Yay you guys!
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