The new pad, garden and business blatherings

The new “granny flat”, what we call the semi detached houses here in NZ, has spacious rooms, is warm, clean and sports a teny tiny kitchen. We are now happily ensconced in our little home. I took some piccies, its not over designed or crazy pretty, its just home, i have not made it inhumanly tidy for your benefit either… sorry!
The dinning and Lounge area
Due to the lack of any patches to plant our veges and not being able to NOT garden, I have started a “bucket” garden. Tomatoes and a range of veges are now either plants or seedlings.
Tomatoes and Spinach

Business Blatherings were promised in the title, i will provide! I sold quite a few prints last week, more than i expected. Some were through felt, some custom orders. After buying up more supplies I am waiting on one more thing before I do another update to hopefully get more sales.

I have been wanting to “do the figures” for awhile now, yeah kinda did a rough one in my head and went “that’ll work” and went on and put some products up. Silly me! Kylie helped me with the appropriate spreadsheet (not too good at those) and yip, the prices will have to go up. Which left me wondering if people will still buy (i guess we will see!) Also left me really thinking about what would genereate that extra income that would give me some extra padding ontop of the website work I am doing. I have been brainstorming and have some ideas I am really keen to get off the ground, nothing ground breaking or anything, just fun and “creative” (i am beginning to think this word is so small for something so broad, so its hideously over used).

For the marketing side there are lots of things I having going on… for the blog I have made a wee sign up form on the right side of the home page, this will collect email addresses so I can email people updates on shop products, new collections, specials, coupons and stuff like that. Optimistically maybe this will happen once a month, at a guess, the emails will happen as fast as this little side business grows and changes.

So thats it for now, stay tuned.. i have a giveaway coming up as soon as i get some more paper…

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