The Carrington Hut Tramp

Carrington Hut
Last weekend I went walking with the better half ¬†and some friends to the Carrington Hut in Arthurs past. Pretty much 4 hours up a river valley and back again. Organised as a social trip, pancakes were eaten, other walks were explored and I am finally admitting my four hundred dollar boots were a really bad, expensive decision as I hobble around with yet another Achilles injury. Wrong size and shape… ¬†walking on a river bed will make any boot thats not quite right, become completely obvious! My camera bag also came apart, just before a river crossing! Phew! Just in time to leave in a safe place whilst water was navigated. This batch of photos have all sorts of wacky effects. Why? Why not, one has to at least TRY these things. All in all I had a great time!

Carrington Hut Trip
Carrington Hut
Carrington Hut

Carrington Hut Trip 1
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