In the kitchen: with chewy choc chip cookies

Kitchen overhead lighting at its best!

Well this evenings baking exploits were semi-successful. Yes we have an edible yummy cookie, but could it be better? I started out using this recipe from allrecipes. But due to lack of soft brown sugar I tried some Golden Syrup (goey sugar) and I don’t like separating eggs due to wastage, in went the TWO eggs, instead of just the yolk of the second. They are goey and crispy, but slightly flat. There is an underlying taste of WAY too much golden syrup and caramelised sugar which might be because I had to cook them rather alot for them to set. One concludes that I needed to add more flour to compensate for the extra egg and use less golden syrup or just make sure brown sugar was in the pantry before cooking!

Whilst I’m gassing about food and cooking here is a site I found in my recipe surfing travels. I think I’m in love with… pretty much everything about it. The food, the photos, the writing is funny chatty tone. Take a geezer at the aptly named “Smitten Kitchen“.

Can anyone tell that I have eaten too much cookie dough and cookies? Feeling very “chipper”. Time for some camomile tea me thinks.

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  1. Hey a small tip, not sure if you did this: liquid sweeteners should be used in a 3/4’s proportion to sugar. Also, lower the baking temperature about 4 degrees C and reduce the other liquid in the recipe by 1/4 cup per cup of liquid sweetener you’re using (that maybe was that extra egg white). Be careful adding too much extra flour in baking though, without taking into account the amount of baking soda/powder that might have to be adjusted accordingly, or it will be really heavy & flat. Baking sometimes has to be exact to have stuff end up the perfect consistency. They sure look yummy though – who cares if they’re a little flat! đŸ™‚

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