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With all the people subscribing to the wee newsletter and comments for the free prints I have been looking at my rather large collection of photos a little more than usual of late. I found these pretty shots from back in my film days and just love how the colours seemed to come out “looking” old (taken in 2007). I might go out with the film camera again in a couple of weekends. See what shows up. I do adore pictures in bush with walking tracks, I guess thats why I love my tramping so much!

On another note I have been listening to alot of podcasts lately and reading the occasional blog post, plus whatever help/info docs etsy send out. I am becoming more and more impressed with the amazing talent and dedication people have. All i have done is put up a few products to see what happens, this took quite awhile and I started to think.. how could this actually work financially? Crunching numbers writing down ideas, trying to FOCUS on one or two instead of becoming bogged down by the possibilities. I’m telling you, it messes with your brain! So to the people out there developing those beautiful products, worked your butts off to make it happen enabling yourselves to generate that income… full props to you! Your friggin amazing.

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