Socks and Flash Gordon

Lately I have had so many things on my brain that I feel like I am fumbling around getting the odd things done in a constant daze. I keep on saying to myself “how do you eat an elephant” (not that i WOULD eat an elephant, but thats beside the point) I felt like sharing that I watched a funny little movie the other day, that sufficiently distracted me from my abundance of brain activity and I happily finished a pair of socks I have been knitting.
flashgordon-movienight 3
We watched “Flash Gordon” whilst eating a delicious pizza. I made the superior amazing pizza crust (it was rather good to spin around into a circle apparently) and Kylie put the topping on. It was a perfect pizza, we are very pleased with our Christmas prezzy pizza stone (good guess Gill) the pizza crust was crispy even in the middle!
flashgordon-movienight 2
Flash Gordon was hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed the “Oooo Flash” moments as the woman watched in awe of his superior strength and display of human nature. The delightful wooden acting (i don’t think there was any other way to act with such a script) and great 1980 set design (little fact, i was born ┬áin 1980, which means I’m 30 soon!). All in all a good wee night.
flashgordon-movienight 1
I finished the socks and have now started The famous “Central Park Hoodie” I now know why its so popular is sooo fun to knit and after two pairs of socks with tiny tiny stitches, the wonderful FAT yarn and easy knitting is like walking on air. I wake up in the morning and think “O I wonder how much of my hoodie I will knit today” I won’t be modeling the socks yet, I want to block them first. But sock blockers are SILLY prices, so I am going to make one. Add that to the list of things to do that makes my brain overload.

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