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I have a favorite blog that I at least once a day visit and happily scroll through the pretties. Its call Design*Sponge. It pretty much interior design candy. Mmmm candy… I had the pleasure of writing a “Christchurch Design Guide” for Design*Sponge recently and its just been published! Hoo rah! Thanks so much Grace. (There was a bit of nail biting and wondering if it would “fit the bill”). If you don’t already visit this beautiful blog then it will be worth a look. Especially if you are looking at giving any living spaces a bit of “zing”. Heaps of styles and ideas.
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I created a flickr album with a bunch of Christchurch photos I took especially for the guide. However my flickr is full of Canterbury shots to if you want more piccies have a look-see through those. As most know I love my home town, its small but so close to so many playgrounds and a great city vibe. If I have missed out on any places, my fellow Cantabrians, please comment on the post in Design*Sponge, it will be great to have different perspectives.

Little cat is sitting across the table from me as I write this (so cute). After setting the scene i can tell you the much anticipated build is soon going to start, the plans, as I type, are being completed by my beloved, who is currently endeavoring to get me a 3d outline of our house on the hill that I can sketch on. You see we need to decide on cladding (thats the stuff like weatherboard or brick… it goes on the outside… “YES SIMONE” i hear you saying) and retaining wall design. We thought it would be fun for me to sketch up a “artists impression”. At one point in my life I have been a passable technical drawer, I even used to enjoy it. So finally i get to use those skills again!

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  1. Yeah its great, i have been reading just recently too! I would recommend Design of Sites, its great for a quick reminder reference type book, with exceptions to the rules ect, but its full of general guidelines you can read and give feedback to clients on WHY some layouts work better over others. I brought it and it never really stays in the bookshelf for long. Unlike some techy manuals!

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