From the Garden and Turning 30!

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Hello! As the Cantabrian people know our summer is being slightly un-cooperative this year. We have some hot weather but mostly drizzly or overcast. Hense the gardens are a little slow starting up. Mine this year (my first attempt at a vege pot/bucket garden.) is a little slow. Herbs are great, leafy lettuces pretty easy although the wet weather tends to make them a little less pretty looking. Corgettes slightly slower in a pot than in the ground. Pumpkins I won’t bother with in a pot again, they do so well in the dirt and are so little work, its sad to see them in a pot as all the babies prob are not getting enough juice to make all large. Potatoes are fun grown in a sack, mine are going quite well. Beans, i will persevere not really flowering or doing much. Silverbeet, even the large variety is doing really well, so will continue with that. Brassicas, the battle between me and the aphids continues.
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I have recently been loaned the nicest book to read with a cuppa tea and a banana cupcake. Its called “The Thrifty Gardener” (also sold in USA as “garden anywhere“) I have been EATING it up. I am enjoying so much I will read ahead to get a quick answer but still read it page by page and then re-read what I read before, i have now learnt how to correctly make potting mix (mine not so good apparently), worm farms, composts, pest control and surviving garden shops. Its is written in a friendly, clear cut, up front manner. The design and photography is gritty and feels effortlessly styled, rather than over styled. The writing has not being dumbed down (well according to me anyhows), she tells you WHY one does some things and you can learn why plants do what they do. She assumes your are not afraid to weld a hammer and electric screwdriver and you get right in there to make something. I still have book vouchers in my purse, so might see if the town bookshop has anything by her. Cause I WANT them. She has a blog here. Yet to discover all i want to discover about her. I think by the end of the day i may feel a bit like a stalker.
As I mentioned in the title I am soon to turn 30! Goodness me. This has made me start looking at what I am doing and take some stock. Am i really happy with what i am doing at the moment? One thing i have recently made ‘peace’ with is my inability to be that happy at a similar task (eg a full time job) ever day for 5 days a week. I start sorta start phasing out and being unable to concentrate on whats at hand. What does this mean right now? Well i am trying to find various different ways to make money, not just web design anymore (see photos for sale). I need something else and maybe something else after that! The more i read about people and talk to friends and family its quite common! So I am going over my ‘skills’, knowledge and passions – trying to moosh together a bunch of interesting money making activities…
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I leave you with some photos from the vege gardens in Hagley Park out the back of the Curators House Restaurant.
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Just uploaded a bunch to flickr too, enjoy!

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  1. I turned 30 last Sunday. Not quite as bad as I thought but you definitely start reviewing your life’s achievements so far… I’m glad I bought a house last year!

    My garden is slow too… and this week we just had with no sun made nearly everything just stop (well except the zucchinis – nothing makes them stop!) Off to check out that garden blog now…

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