Valentines Day Swimming Extravaganza!

To warm up my fuzzy Monday morning brain I thought I might post a little on my lovely weekend. It started with a Saturday swim at the beach. First beach swim for the summer (i know soo slack) it was divine! I finished it off with some knitting.
knitting at the beach
We came home to start our baking and cooking fun. I made some more banana cupcakes, this time with chocolate icing and cinnamon. Using my icing funnel bday gift!
banana cupcakes
On Sunday we headed out with baked goods to a friend farewell pool party, where I was far too busy splashing around in a swimming pool to take photos. So I will leave you with a photo of my earlier-in-the-week attempt at making the kiwi classic pavlova. It was quite delish! Inspired by Jess over at spinning a yarn blog. It was messy and falling to bits, apparently that’s how they should be. I glued it together with vanilla cream…
I also made more cookies in the week (to use up chocolate chips) using this recipe, its fab i recommend! I sent most of them away to Kylie’s work so I wouldn’t eat them all. So addicted to baking right now.

Have a great week!

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  1. Hi Simone your pav looks divine! I need to get my hands ona piping bag before thursday….I found some roase shaped biscuits to make for my ‘piped’ creation!

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