Autumn catch-up

Jars of liqueur
Alot has been happening in our little household of late. Mostly good things. Like the above photo suggests. Kylie has been busy. In our house the roles of cooking are generally shared but we have our preferred goods. Kylie likes to make; preserves, relishes and jams. He also distills his own alcohol to create liqueurs. The photo above is some raspberry liqueur and a caraway seed concoction. We also found apples on special and had tonnes of green tomatoes that didn’t ripen so the traditional apple and green tomato relish was made. Good thing too, we are down to only two jars now and the new stuff has to age a little.

Me? I like to bake, cookies, cakes, chocolate things… I also like to make dinner (so does Kylie) I have made a few things in the last week I think need sharing with you all. First it was this yummo sauce. We had it with steak, fresh bread and potatoes, but it would be pretty yum with chicken or just roast vege. I choked and spluttered when the chillies went in (need stronger extrator fan). But man was it a treat! Speaking of treats last night I went to a birthday dinner, that I made the cake for. BOY did I come out a popular one, this upside down banana cake recipe was so good. REALLY good with whipped cream. Other sins I committed this week was to bake a batch of these cookies AGAIN. This time I only managed to pass off a only a few before I ate the bulk of them. SIGH. I feel I must add another confession; I made this yummy lemon slice, which successfully lured a visitor. What else was for dinner this week? Indian foooood. Another bliss place for me.

I have a stratagem:  to do my baking just before the weekend, so others eat it before the week starts, so I am not alone in the house with the yummy food…

And finally; I am bringing in the bacon! Yes I have work again, a bunch of very cool projects have lined themselves up and I am no longer watching the clock tick by waiting for something to fill my day besides adding to the pantry with baked goods and knitting or crocheting until my hands ache. Speaking of knitting and crochet… nah lets wait til next time.

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