Stash Re-hash

This sunday stash re-hash was on.
stashrehash 1

Crazy long line! Beside three sides of the building and down the street. Next year i am getting in really early! For fire regulations they can only let in so many at one time. Needless to say I am glad I have friends. Due to the sheer amount of people gagging to get in AND I was a bit out of my comfort zone surrounded by so many people, I literally ran to the cheapest stand, grabbed the first likely looking fabrics and notions then had a quick browse and left, filled two bags full in 15 minutes!

stashrehash 2

I got a few more fabrics, but once I got home, I wondered what I was thinking!? No doubt something will pop up.. these ones are the pick of the bunch and will be used to refresh the winter wardrobe.

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