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There has been alot of thought and research going into my business and where it is going lately. How I want it to grow and change, and what other things I may want to throw into the mix. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I am excited by the possibilities I am stewing over.

I discovered an author in my research called Seth Godin. He is hugely popular (does “purple cow” sound familiar?) but I hadn’t really read any of his books until now. My favorite by a long shot is Meatball Sunday.  The main message I got from him is this stuff here:

  • -Be authentic and tell your story,
  • -Be passionate about what you do,
  • -Take advantage of the changing world of technology and create new products and services inspired by those changes.

So what does this mean? Well I have managed to add my much missed and preferred wire framing step into my design process. Which has been fun and not to mention it works. I forget less of what should be in the design and problems we might face usually pops up in the drawing stage and gets sorted in the drawing stage rather than once the site is all made up. Loving it! I am also hard out learning about the new moves in google analytics, online marketing and best practice Wordpress template construction. The SEO world is also fast morphing, keeping up with that too.

Check out my slightly neglected but now slowly getting refreshed Amazon bookshop for the Seth Godin books I have read and highly recommend. I am chewing through the rest in our local library and will add them if I think them the biz!

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