There once was a cow and her baby

There once was a cow called Lulu and her baby Henry (she was also “with cow”)
cows 1
The Lady on the farm wanted more babies, so she got Lulu a handsome young bull – Mick
cows 6
Lulu was not overly happy about Mick. Since she was still bigger than him, so he got pushed around or ignored.
cows 5
cows 2
Poor Mick, he was a very happy sociable bull afterall.

The little goats on the farm are soon to be given a boy goat too… Who’s to say how happy they will be with this concept.
goats 3
goats 4
goats 1

They are very happy when treats are brought though. 

Thats the latest update from the farm.

On our lazy Sunday out visiting Kylie and I spotted UFO’s from the mall where I finally brought myself some jeans… on closer inspection they were some kites on¬†steroids.

kites 2
kites 1

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