Will someone feed the designer?

I am like any self respecting plant. To produce the goods I need feeding. Not just the standard ordinary feeding of hot chocolates, bike rides, food and water – I need specialist food. To make websites and logos day in, day out, something has to happen on occasion to instill some passion and enthusiasm once again. I thought I might share with you my inspirations in the coming weeks on how I keep myself ticking and inspired on the days where everything but lying in the sun with a gin and tonic – seems so boring.

It all starts with paper and ink. A good read – on ‘handcrafting’ websites. (for non-webbers – i have a music video at the bottom!)

Handcrafted CSS

by Dan Cedarholme with Ethan Marcotte


This book started going over about a bunch of stuff I knew in ‘bits’. For myself the value came from overall CSS concepts being  explained with some pretty sexy examples.  An added bonus, just like Dan’s Bulletproof web design book, you can build a website if you follow through copying the examples (The finished website is also available for download.)

I learnt a fair amount in the end and found myself getting excited about CODE. I know.. weird. My favorite chapter is the one on fluid grids. I have already started using grid based layout (after reading about it online) besides keeping the design tight, i didn’t really know why it had taken the web design world by storm. Now its explained in a funny way and I have more (and better) examples to play with. If you’re a web designer this book is perfect for linking all the new practices together to get your foundation CSS and HTML knowledge back into shape.

For each post on “what feeds me”  I plan on giving you a wee sample of my music collection. This week is the awesome guitarist/musician Kaki King. The album I own is “Dreaming of Revenge”  brought on itunes… i love itunes for music downloading ease!

What inspires you to stay on top and happy most days? Is there any special albums, places, websites or books? Perhaps daily rituals that help you roll out of bed… I love hearing about new music, art, books – feel free to share…

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