Photos and things

The weeks have been full of activity and projects.
Below is a picture I took on the way up to a party at a lodge close to Craigiburn Ski field.
castlehill 1
This is my favorite shot and one of the first on the day (always the way) I have been hankering to go back and try and duplicate only this time with a tripod!

Here is one of the closeup shots i always go for:
tuesday 3

Here is some yarn i am thinking of knitting into a lacy scarfy shawl.
I have been knitting, sewing even embroidering! But have yet to take pictures. I went on a bit a craft bender after I unravelled some socks that didn’t fit. 🙁 So before starting those again i wanted to do some other things that have been looming and boy have i been loving the light relief!

As for light relief, those on facebook saw this little face I couldn’t resist taking a picture of.

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