Feed the designer: inspired by Laurent Nivalle

Not long ago I signed up to a website that sent pretty pictures to my inbox once a week. This morning I follwed their link to this post with photos taken by Laurent Nivalle. I have downloaded a few pictures for you to see, but you should really head over to the other post to see the whole lot together they are such a nice nostalgic story. I am hankering to play with these colours and effects.

Laurent Nivalle
By Laurent Nivalle
Laurent Nivalle
By Laurent Nivalle

Go the website here: http://www.laurentnivalle.fr/
and blog: http://laurentnivalle.blogspot.com/

As for my music of choice I have another old school album for you from my student days. An album by a christchurch¬†musician Bic Runga. ¬†I am currently listening alot to her first album “drive” and the more recent one “birds

Would you like a video? Here ya go.

Have a great week!

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