Earthquake update

Hey ya’all! Just wanted to let all of those know a wee update on the situation here in my now rather messy home town. We all survived and are all mostly in agreement that we have all just had the scariest moment in our lives. I am thankfully in a part of town that looks as if nothing has happened. Besides a few brick fences and chimneys we are all ok!

While weathering aftershocks and still being unable to think about little else I have started the office clean up and have been in touch with most of my clients who are affected by the quake. Some more than others. I just want all of you to know that all servers and sites I have checked and even the Christchurch ones seem to be working well! I can do little to help but offer to put up some status updates on your websites free of charge. If I have not already been in touch with you about this let me know!

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