Forced slow down

marlborough sounds
Hello all! I have been away from the blog for awhile as I recover from being sick for about 10 days. I am not quite fully right yet but almost there. Funny thing, now in my well moments I feel a crazy urge to embrace life and give up everything to become a hippy. Or something. Have no fear I love designing too much to give everything up but the thrill of having energy and no headaches makes me feel so much lighter and the in action for so long makes me want to DO SOMETHING like go bush or start a new garden.

Not only have I been sick but before succumbing to the nasty virus I attended a wedding in Marlborough Sounds (see photo above). It was beautiful and so much fun. Had a bit of a mountain bike and got a little relaxing in.

Aaaand before all that I have been super busy and have a few new designs to share! They each deserve their own blog post. So these will follow in the next few weeks. Lots more work is thankfully in the pipeline, so all in all a busy few months are ahead of me.

Just wanted to checkin and let all you all know life is ticking along…. about to amp up for Christmas, so this forced break was probably for the best. Next CHRISTMAS… how fast did that creep up?

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