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The online world is a MAD one. Things change overnight and the ways to market yourself online are growing everyday. There is so much out there sometimes I just want to, one – plug myself in Matrix style and have all that knowledge right there to fly my SEO helicopter in and save the day, or, two – bury my head in the sand and deny that the nothing changes and eat chocolate. Lets just say since neither one is an option.

Today while I write up some little posts on the latest sites to come out of the QDM web design studio I wanted to share with you where I pickup my tid bits to help myself and my clients along when it comes to marketing.

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  • Campaign Monitor – Newsletters on email marketing.
  • Etsy – Joining up as a “seller” will get you the emails aimed at marketing your business.


  • SeoMoz – Search engine stuff
  • Google webmaster Central – Search engine news and important info.
  • Seth Godin’s blog Awesome author who writes about marketing and business anthropological style and is funny too.
  • One Woman Marketing – One woman who does it all and talks about it. Great place to get ideas on workflow and general marketing.

Books and Online Guides

Podcast to listen too

Right thats it, I don’t want to bombard you too much. Flick around have a look and subscribe to the ones that appeal. Off to eat some chocolate.

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