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Mrs Cake

Mrs Cake is an inspirational food blog written by Rosa Wakefield in Wellington. She had been writing it for some time before deciding to get a professional design done by myself! I had so much fun coming up with something to suit her personality and style of writing. Rosa by then had some pretty firm ideas on the technical side and just needed me to make it happen.

I have decided I rather like designing blog themes – they are such personal things, its like a visual form of writing up a cool character. MMMmmm, maybe i should think about book covers next! I have been inspired by this job to look a little further into template design for the likes of blogger – if I ever get the spare time I might try my hand at creating a few pre-made ones for purchase. In the meantime I get to create ones from scratch for inspiring writers like Rosa (be warned her website will make you want to bake naughty yummy things!)

Here’s what Rosa has to say about her new site and the design process:

“Dealing with Simone was a fantastic experience, and I was amazed at how spot-on her design was – everything about it was perfect first time round. She was very thorough and asked me many questions to understand where I was heading and what I wanted – which was great, since I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted my site to be but completely lacked the skills (and design finesse!) to make it happen.

The go-live had me super excited and as soon as the new design was up I started getting fantastic feedback on how great it looks now, and also how much easier it is to navigate. My blog profile has improved heaps since the re-jig, which for a hit junkie like myself is pretty exciting. 😉

I’d definitely recommend Simone – she was very attentive and really understood what I wanted, and came up with then implemented a stunning design which exactly fit the brief. I am completely happy with the outcome and am so glad I asked her to do this for me – thanks so much, Simone! “

Thanks Rosa!

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