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Feed the designer : Inspiring the 31 year old

Seriously I’m 31 already? WHEN did that happen? Last month was a little busy and this month looks to be shaping up pretty similar. For my birthday I brought myself a wee album off itunes and luckily the cats can’t talk because I have listened to it ‘like’ a hundred times already – actually its 6 times according my “plays” in itunes. What is it? Well they are the decemberists and the Album is called “the king is dead” if you like folksy, country-ish rocky music I would have a listen. Thanks to soulemama for mentioning these guys.

I have signed up for a pinterest account and thus far I rather like it. There hasn’t been massive amounts of time to play with it, but I do like getting an email each week with what other people are pinning in the categories I am interested in. It’s going to be fabulous to use creating online moodboards for decorating when we finally get a house to decorate. Not to mention using it to help inspire website designs!graphics to inspire website design

1 Comment on "Feed the designer : Inspiring the 31 year old"

  • Ruth says

    Happy birthday! And congrats on your new house, how exciting. I’ll look forward to maybe seeing garden pics on your blog some time in the future 🙂