Another Quake in Christchurch

Hello everyone! First things first Kylie and Myself are well. My Dad and his Wife and Daughter are also well. All immediate family in Christchurch accounted for! We have a full house at the moment. The unit seems to be standing strong for the moment. The cats are a little more clingy and after taking off last night but still staying close I am reassured they are not going to go missing when they get a fright!

To recap what went down yesterday after the quake in my little world, the shakeup was not so bad out here as in town. I knew it was big and would damage afterwards, but being in a single story house is alot less worrying than Kylie in a six story building! After frantically checking in on people, I got word quickly from Dad and Kylie that they were well and on their way home. So I went around the house collecting water storage vessels and tidying up the glass that broke all over the place. Once I had what water I could store stored I paced and worried and kept in touch with people via text and email on my iphone (loving the iphone right now).

Thankfully I can do something and we now have people staying whose houses are now questionable if they should sleep in them or not. We have a few more people un accounted for, but the texts are flowing in thick and fast about everyone being ok! I am getting more optimistic by the minute! We have lots of work to do now and and I am sure the news will not all be good. But we have power, next essential thats pretty critical if we stay in christchurch or not is water. We will see what the day brings… NZ is getting loads of help and assistance from all over the world. Its very overwhelming!

To everyone including all my clients stay safe, dry and warm. Look after you and yours. Right now I am on hold work wise, but in emergency call me on the cell phone 021 610 706.

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