Earthquaking almost two weeks on

I am looking out the dining room window at the freshly rained on houses around us that are now bathing in the morning sunlight. A cat on my lap and my newest knitted sweater on I am quite comforted that the seasons continue and life feels to be moving forward again. On my side of the city we have everything, running water, electricity and sewage! We are still boiling everything we drink and flushing sparingly but having these things we are used to has helped me let go of a lot of stress. Although not the guilt.

The guilt will go when everyone else in Christchurch has all the need to move on as well. The reality is there will be people with nowhere else to go living in houses that drafty, surrounded and sitting in silt and damp. With no water, or sewage. Fortunately the power people have been amazing at restoring power to much of the city already. I hope the water people can move as efficiently in the next week. Then there are those scrambling trying to find somewhere to live after loosing their homes.

I am still very much overwhelmed by whats happened and the job we now have ahead of us but I keep focusing on what I need to do right now. One of those is move into the new house – first as a rental because the banks (to add to everything else) have frozen all lending. Even though we have a contract saying we will get the money. Plus full insurance. Hopefully very soon the fact we still have jobs and the house is fine means the bank will go back to being helpful. Or we may just be out of a home, although I am trying not to think about that!

Today I work  and call the carpet cleaners to come in the clean the carpets ready for the new tenants in the place we are living in right now. Keeping moving and buying things in Chch will mean that it bounces back much faster.

Righto then – time to work!

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  1. Thanks heaps Sue! Have added my profile 🙂 Not all work a stand still but certainly some. Compared to my clients loosing their premisses I still feel pretty lucky – and a bit worried – but lucky!

  2. Glad to hear that you and your family and cats are all safe! I hope things go well with moving into your new home. We all have to move forward now and support each other in the weeks ahead.

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