Open for business – incase you did not already know!

Open for business in ChristchurchI have had a few emails this week asking if I am able to work, the answer is YES GIVE ME WORK PLEASE. The sad reality is that I still need to pay my mortgage, power, phone and all the rest. No holidays here. Earthquakes may have lost some people their jobs, but thankfully not me! Today the internet connection issue was finally resolved so rather than being on board in fits and starts I am back to business as usual. The earthquake has not dampened my commitment to this little web design business and my clients.

On this topic. To all business owners who are based in Christchurch. If you are open for business – make it painfully obvious. No room for shy violets here. Blazen it across the sky’s! Start networking online, among your friends tell everyone to tell everyone to get you some work. Run some sort of special or competition to help motivate people to take action now. People want to help us out right now so you may get much more work through these channels to help get you back on track and not eating into the “incase” over draft or savings account.

I also want to give you some links on way the online community can help you here.

Social networking

Setup a Facebook Business Page to get updates out quickly and easily (more on promoting and creating this page later)

LinkedIn is hugely useful and powerful for business’s and individuals. Setup your account or dust it off and get it full of recent information and start asking for testimonials (this is my weeks task!).

Twitter. This is popular among some groups of people. Flick me an email to see if yours is one of them.


Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor let you setup account for free and send out beautiful emails to your clients. Use them! They have templates you can personalize for free. But if you need a hand It may cost less than you think for me to set something up for you. So just get in touch.


Blogger and WordPress both let you setup blogs for free using their templates. Perhaps start one of these to keep your customers updated regularly on new premises ect. If you would like a custom one or help setting up the free version let me know.

Online shops

Dremus and Shopify are similar to the above, its online software pre-setup to sell your products. Choose your shop URL (domain name) and template, upload your products and you are away. These are not free. But worth the $$ in my opinion. I have a few shops in the works right now using this software. Let me know if you need a hand setting up and we can get you selling online.

If all of these overwhelm you, just pick ONE that makes the most sense to you. Have a go at setting it up. Don’t forget to talk talk talk… tell everyone you are looking for more work or have products to sell.

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