Lemon Extravaganza!

Bags of Lemons were collected off the lemon tree at the old fat before we moved. Three shopping bags full to be precise. We even left ripe yellow lemons behind for the new tenants (and lady lady as it turns out). I will miss that abundant tree. We have one here, but it is still a small one, has little lemons growing on it though which is exciting, a bit too green for eating just yet.

autumn lemons

We managed to give away one bag worth of lemons to friends equally in love with lemons and then I set to work in the kitchen – I had a list of recipes I wanted to try.

First there is the Moroccan Preserved Lemons from David Lebovitz I totally mucked that up by not having enough lemons to fill the jar and thinking – I will get some more at the grocers. Forgetting to do so over and over again, until my lemons grew a lovely white fuzz all over them. This person just wasted a whole bunch of lemons! So bad!

I have also been wanting to try my hand at cordials, so I made a simple lemon cordial and then a lemon and ginger cordial. Both are delicious. Kylie also had some spare vodka from his distilling so I have also started (needs to age) some lemon liqueur.

autumn lemons

Last but not least, I LOVE lemon curd, LOVE LOVE LOVE, nom nom nom. Like it much? After being high on sugar fumes I found this recipe for sugar free and dairy free curd. I had no coconut oil, so I used butter, but did use just the honey and it was still absolutely yummo.

Have a great weekend everyone! I know I will – off for adventures in Hanmer Springs!

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