Quince Preserving

Its all about food here at the moment. On our walk to the local farmers market the days steal did not come at the markets but on the way there. A local boy was setup minding crates of quinces he had picked off their quince tree in his families backyard. I got 10 quinces for $2 (maybe $4). Pretty happy I was.

quinces 1

The following weekend was a jelly and jam session. I set out to make jam – but did not peel or core said quinces so in order to avoid core bits ending up on peoples warm toast (I got a little confused between recipe instructions from the interweb!) I used our muslin cloth and drained the pulp of its juices and made jelly instead. There was still lots of yummy smelling pulp leftover… waste it, I could not. After adding a little quince juice drained from the night before and a little water (plus lots of sugar) I let it bubble and wizzed it in the food processor – followed by pushing it through the sieve. Core and seeds delt to, Quince jam we have!

quinces 2

The jelly is so delicious- it tastes like flowers on toast. Almost like another flavor of turkish delight. Jam has yet to be tasted. I would share recipes – however the final save came from the recipe book finally found in the middle of this jam process and not the internet. It has been missing since the move and was hiding on the recipe book shelf the entire time… what can I say, that’s what my brain is like at the moment!  I was given it by my sister in law (and brother – but she does the shopping!)  and the final instructions and recipes originated from that. The book is called “how to store your garden produce” It has recipes but also useful info on the overall jamming and jellying process…. which applies across the board for all jammy things. We still have lots of apples to preserve and I need to go out walnut foraging for the this years stash of nuts!

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