Hanmer farewell

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A good friend of ours (the one who made it up first – in the first photo) is set to move away to the beautiful Cromwell. So a girls trip away to play is organised. As per usual when I go away with these ladies I come back needing another holiday to get over it!

Day one: I woke up late, some of us didn’t – but nicely didn’t wake us up! We then had a yummy cooked breakfast. Then up MtĀ Isobel it was for us. Hard work to start with but we made it up with enough energy to have a snowball fight with the dregs of snow melting at the top. I managed to get a good one on the lovely ladies bottom whom happens to be leaving us. Punishment!

hanmer-april-2011 6

We then headed down via a waterfall route. Which was lovely. Eating chocolate we made great progress going in a nice and easy downward direction. Getting home a little later than planned I put a roast bird in the oven – which took about three hours to cook! Argh, old ovens! we were slightly ravenous by the time we ate.

hanmer-april-2011 1

Day two: another sleep in and pancakes for breakfast (it is not a girls weekend without pancakes) then we took our bikes up a new single track and came down and oldy but a goody. I need to bike more I think… going up was hard work for me! One of us had a sparkly new mountain bike, making me very tempted to upgrade my bike. I had to borrow someone’s old bike because my brakes failed on my last ride and I had not got around to getting them fixed (didn’t want to because I JUST had them fixed – so i was miffed. And just had an earthquake and moved house) as it turns out mine are bad anyway – because I hopped on this bike and almost went over the handle bars when I tried the brakes… mmmmm…. think my reputation for going faster downhill might have something to do with the fact that I have no other option! I did say that once… I couldn’t see how I could go any slower..

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A great weekend away – a day off needed to recover!

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