A walk around the city

We went for our first walk around the cordons about a month ago, I know late posting! Here are some pictures I took. I did not break down or get all emotional or anything, in fact amongst the broken bits there is still our beautiful autumnal city, the streets are the same, trees were loosing their leaves and the seasons continue. That alone is a huge comfort. Band aids have been applied to the favorite buildings that are no doubt among the ones people would like to save. Empty lots are not empty gapping holes but an opportunity to put in something beautiful and/or useful.

I must say the media seems to be grasping at negative straws for stories these days and I am getting a little over it. I wish we could just get some facts on the quake and the rebuild and not the whining emotional tripe we are getting right now. All I see is “not fast enough”, “why are they gardening in the red zone?” and more equally as silly articles. Think this though please journalists and editors: for example Gardeners cannot fix roads or buildings, but if the city gets over grown, then when it come to reopening – how much work will it be to get up to scratch then? Just because they are keeping things tidy does not mean work on other things in the city goes any slower. AND Why should our people be working seven days a week? Surely they are as entitled to have time with their families and loved ones as you or I? In fact now more than ever they need to be their fighting best, which requires rest and happy times. Its no longer a disaster people, its just a job to get done. One last point, how on earth will we get people down here to help build if whats on offer are seven day weeks?

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