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now panic and freak out

You know, I keep a list. Well many lists actually, but I have this one list in my “things” application. This list has 20, yes 20 blog post ideas. TWENTY. And yet as you can see I have not really blogged much at all recently. In fact I have not done alot of blogging over at my new blog yet either. I have been busy, which is good, but not busy enough to be such a neglectful blog mother.

So here it is, I have started a blog post. Today I am going to write about things people might want to know about your business. So that you (and I) can get over that writers block and blog more. Or for some of my clients, write it up as “news”. Why you may ask, do we want to blog? Well I say (thinking to myself I am awfully good at talking the talk) showing publishing little bits of news shows:

1. your business is ticking along nicely and looks solid and reliable.
2. you share stories about your business that personalises what you are about therefore embedding your business into future customers minds
3. providing an online presence people can relate to.
4. you get to show off your knowledge of important subjects (like blogging, or not in my case).

There are of course many more, one is, once you are on a roll its actually quite fun. So some tricks on finding topics to write about. Keep a way to note down ideas close by so that you can squiggle them down when a moment of genius flashes through your brain. Use your bookmark function on your browser to catalogue ideas online aswell.

Here is a quick list of things that you might consider – I believe every  type of customer group you have, will relate to certain things, so you wrack your brains to see what you could come up with that people may like to read about that relates in some way to your business.

-Book reviews
-Event reviews
-Movie reviews
-Industry news (news like what the fashion shows in Paris are up to, or whats happening to the building codes now that we have had a major earthquake)
-Business news and events (eg, new staff member or a new product range)
-Whats inspiring you at the moment (if your in that sort of industry!)

Ok so there is a plethora of things to write about out there, how on earth do you find the time to write?!

Habits I have seen that might help you.

– Choose a time each day that you can clear some time to write!
– Start your posts in the morning and finish them off throughout the day in snippets you get available or when need a break
– When you get a chunk of time and inspiration hits you write several posts at once and use WordPress’s excellent timed publication feature that lets you pick the time the new post goes live…. So that you can effectively have an active looking blog but only have worked a chunk on it the week before.

Of course I assume you blog because you have already established its a great way to reach your customer base. However not everyone’s business suits a blog. Its incredible how amazing facebook has been for so many business to reach their client base. But of course thats something else to write about next time….

I am scared but determined. I will make a promise to blog everyday for the next two weeks (not on weekend though!) I have lots going on and have alot to share. I intend to write up a post here every other day and another on the the opposing days over on my personal blog. If i fail – then no cake. If I succeed, then I get to make cake – and I will share the recipe on my other little blog. The idea of this is get back into the habit of blogging – I used to enjoy it rather alot!

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