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This is a newsy post. As some of you already know because you’re in Christchurch or you read it on the news. We had another pretty decent aftershock (or two) yesterday. The first one had me sitting there holding my screen waiting for it to get worse. It didn’t, power stayed on and I went back to work. Second one had me under the desk in seconds cup of tea in hand and sloshed all over the floor. Power did go off that time (back on before nightfall – thank you Orion!)! That was the difference really. In a measly .5 difference on the Richter scale the bookshelves get messed up and things fall off shelves.

Thankfully our neighborhood is on the flat and to the side in what seems like a little island sanctuary to me right now and we have had no damage. No breakages even. I went though the house after the smaller 5.5 one just to check and pushed things to the back of shelves and put a few things away…. which probably stopped the few breakages we may have had in the 6.0. Go across a by two blocks and there the liquefaction starts! Some people homes were thrown around worse or much like the the February one. Its crazy to me how it changes so drastically from house to house. Yay for no deaths or serious injuries! I have already mourned the loss of buildings and how the city was and continue to look forward to the future with anticipation and curiosity on how everything will look in 15 years!

Second item of news is a temporary relocation for me. My partner Kylie is having to work from Te Awamutu in the next three months and I have decided to join him – with cats. I have the luxury of just needing an internet connection and my laptop to earn some money. So I may as well follow him instead of miss him! Have a break from my beloved shaky town and explore the north island. Which I have not done that well yet. So pretty excited! Just letting you all know this is not holiday and I will be working as per usual. Just from a different spot for a little while. Continue to bring forth the work

Stay safe and look after your loved ones!

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  1. You’re having a tough time down there in Chch.

    We’re watching in horror from Nelson.

    Stay safe and good luck with the North Island plans.

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