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FORWARD. Just letting you know – I am the sort of person who if offered online “free giftwrapping” will get the gift wrapping even if its for me. I am also the type of person that upon receiving my iphone I unwrapped it slowly – then re-wrapped it, only to unwrap it again a bit later. I get odd looks from some people about this – however there are other that know exactly what I mean.


I do quite a bit of online shopping. More so now that Christchurch’s shops are mainly in malls. I also am a bargain hunter – the web lets you do this without inconveniencing any sales clerk and asking about prices, without buying. Not to forget that in NZ we don’t really have huge amounts of selection nor I am afraid, when it comes to things like fabric and books, do we have the best prices. You could say I buy a bit online.

It quite common for the eagrly anticipated parcel to arrive in a standard box or postal bag, the product is then wrapped in transparent plastic and the invoice is somewhere in there. Bit of a buzz kill – but acceptable. Lately I have found the shops I brought things at have appeared to put a little more care in their product’s presentation.

Fabric wrapped in tissue paper and string, the invoice has a hand written note on it to say thanks.

A wrought iron recipe rack wrapped protectively then wrapped up again in brown paper and string with a stamped swing tag with the shops logo on it (I love swing tags – so this does not get chucked!) I also love brown paper. So old school.

Craft supplies arrived in a little box with a chocolate and notepad. I love chocolate… a bit too much!

Now I realize they are clever online shop owners who know all about their target market – people like me! Whom buy these things with the excitement of future projects or decorating their nest. To help the process along the company is making sure they are remembered fondly and possibly brought from again. Anyone that offers this sort of service has me talking about them and thinking nice things.

So my point? Online shop owners – look at your customer base, look at how they might be emotionally attached to the product you are sending to them, how can you enhance that experience? Wrapping? Chocolates? Handwritten notes? Nice postcards slipped in there, a voucher even. Have fun with it, change it up a bit try new things and see if you get better returning customer results or customer growth. A happy customer is a chatty customer afterall.

Has anyone else out there had great online shopping experience? What was it? OR how would you like to see your products delivered?

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