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A stormy weather weekend had me wanting to go to the sea. So off we went to Raglan. The beach was blustery and quick showers threw themselves at us as we battled our way for a walk. I tried to take photos of the windblown sand making a sort of miniature dust storms around our feet. Turning back we forced our way into the wind getting peirced by rain that felt like pins the wind was so strong… as you can probably guess I found it exhilarating, all sorts of cheesy poetry and literature coming into my mind as I romanticised being really cold and wet. Needless to say I put the heaters on full when we got into the car and was glad we had a car to go to. Not sure I would of been as romantic if i had a pack on my back and warmth was hours away…
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We then headed to a crowded cafe for lunch. Debating on scones or ordering off the menu – I ordered off the menu, with all the fresh sea air I was a bit too hungry for just a scone! Kylie follwed suit or he would get jealous… and we were SO happy we did. The food was so yummy! Kylie agreed – its not often we ware impressed with food at restaurants either – once you spend time cooking at home and trying to make things tasty, restaurant food often becomes a bit bland. Not this stuff, we speculated on ingredients and left feeling inspired to cook like that ourselves! The cafe is called “The Shack” if your in the area check it out.
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After we filled our bellies we headed home, on impulse we decided on taking the detour to see the “Bridal Veil Falls”. We descended the many stairs and climbed back up… amused at my lack of fitness! They were beautiful, and tall!  The Waikato RAINS so much I don’t head out for as many little runs like I do in Christchurch. I still dream about earthquakes, and don’t miss the shaking at all, but I miss Christchurch. Its still an awesome place to live. Glad to be heading home soon!
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  1. Great write up as always. I suddenly feel inspired to visit Raglan. Lovely pics to, beautiful waterfall and action shot of Kip. Keep your adventures coming, they make great reading. Thanks Simonexxoo

  2. Fabulous!!! I stopped Mike from doing all the stuff he’s always doing and made him come in to look at your pics! The waterfall reminded us both of one we saw in Costa Rica up in the mountains. Raglan is beautiful, indeed, but we want you home nonetheless 🙂

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