At the lake

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There is a pretty lake in Cambridge. Lucky for us its on the way into town – well almost, I detour a little to walk around it on my way to do the odd shopping excursions. One afternoon I luckily brought my camera because the light down there was stunning and I have not managed to equal the shots since (I have tried).
at-the-lake 7
The name of the park is called Te Koutu Domain.
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Starting to count the days until we make it home. I dreamt about it last night… the painters had painted it in all the wrong colours, however the roof looked great!
at-the-lake 5
This little bird came to greet me upon arrival and posed for some photos… fantails are quite prolific here.
at-the-lake 19
Could not resist this shot in the lovely light!
at-the-lake 12
Last but not least – my favourite cafe is in pink hidden behind the trees, great coffee and tea selection, slices are delish and they have a great selection of interesting magazines. Hard to find all of that in the one cafe…
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  1. Lovely pics Simone. Cambridge is a nice little town. Must find out where your cafe is so that I can try it when next passing through but a poor runner up to having coffee at 181:>)

  2. Hey, thanks for your comment on my Garden Spells post – I do recommend it as a good escapist read, perfect for forgetting about winter for a while. You mentioned Maria V Snyder and I have read one of her books, I forgot what it was called but now I remember it was Storm Glass. Anyway, Maria V Snyder is being interviewed by Kim Hill tomorrow on National Radio – here is the link to the podcast page:
    I thought it was funny to come across this right after you left the recommendation 🙂

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