Baby Quinn

Baby Quinn Hills 6

Its been a very long time since I have had anything to say here. I guess with baby making and working hard to get all the important stuff done before the arrival of the little guy I might have had the time but certainly not the brain power! Infact I am posting now to see if I can kick back some brain power. Because I am currently OBSESSED with my wee guy. I felt it happen too. I still had my facilities even after he was born, but in the last three weeks all I can now think about is Quinn Quinn Quinn. Talk about some funky amazing hormones to make sure this guy thrives. When he is napping elsewhere but on me in the Moby wrap (where he is snoring right now) I justĀ collapseĀ on the sofa and watch TV! This is my attempt to kick start myself back into brain use, through blogging. I can perhaps fill you in on all the things I have been making in the last few months… which is MANY, mostly of the baby persuasion! First though here are some piccies of the coolest thing I have ever made. EVER (thats the baby). After this I will try to refrain from too many baby photos…

Some knitwear I made a wee while ago:
Baby Quinn Hills 13

Bright eyes:
Baby Quinn Hills 5

Auntie Cara:
Baby Quinn Hills 2

Sporting a muma made bib
Baby Quinn Hills 17

Sweet baby face
Baby Quinn Hills 15

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5 thoughts on “Baby Quinn”

  1. Quin Quin Quin He is so beautiful, you enjoy every second with him. You have some very professional baby pics which everyone is enjoying. I’m always thinking of the little man. Even say goodnight to his pic when I turn off computer, he has no idea of the happiness his arrival has created. I love hearing about him and you’ll never take enough pic for me. Thank you and Kip for giving me a beautiful little grandson.xoxoxoxoxo

  2. i should introduce you to my mother, she is a sewing, knitting, cooking, baking, preserving, embroidering etc etc legend. I on the other hand inherited none of these skills but I like limestone carving, painting and making thihngs out of polymer clay. she works in a wool shop part-time at Bush Inn on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, tall with short blonde hair.
    i gave her a fantastic knitting book with amazing/hilarious knitting patterns like frogs and monkeys and stuff, you could borrow to photocopy if you were interested in dressing the wee guy crazy when he’s a bit bigger

  3. I can not wait till he is talking and trying to say my name in an English acsent. He is developing his personality, you can see in the photos. I havn’t seen him for a couple of weeks and my goodness his facial expressions!

    Look forward to seeing you both soon! Working full time now but maybe when he is sleeping longer we can meet for lunches x x x.

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