Winter Wonderland

winter-wonderland 13
Out of the kitchen window

In the past few weeks winter has well and truly come. Quinn and I frequently find ourselves stuck inside waiting for rain and cold to pass. Rather out of the norm not long ago it was snow. Snow that fell ALL DAY. This happens not too often in Christchurch, (however it did happen last year – which we missed because we were in Cambridge) so I worried and felt child-like excitement all at the same time. I worried about the¬†electricity¬†supply rendering our only form of heating useless (planning on getting a logburner too.. eventually) I had Quinn’s wardrobe all decided should the power go off. I worried about Kylie who headed off to work that morning when it was only sleeting and his attempt to get home again on roads with cars not organised for such weather. But he did get home early enough to take Quinn and chuck me out the house so I could take some photos. Have I not a good partner? Here are the results:

winter-wonderland 11
Poor old Ducks, one duck came up to me for food. I chased him off the snow and back into the “steaming” pond.

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3 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland”

  1. WOW! Brilliant photos as always. I love the snow, although don’t ever see any in the Bay. Makes me think of Christmas, you could make some great cards:>) Also enjoyed your blog. You certainly are organised to have planned cosy clothes for Quinn in event of powercut. The sunshine will soon return and you’ll be able to have some nice walks together. Thanks for sharing.xxoo PS Don’t forget bread for the ducks!!

  2. Very pretty snowfall, looks like a nice gentle snow, the kind you can go out and enjoy. I agree with Gill, the photos would work great on cards.

  3. Snow… it’s so pretty but so damn annoying. I managed to drive out of town during the snowstorm and headed south, where it eventually stopped. I had to go anyway but it was such a relief to get away from it! Hopefully that’s it for this winter, and also the next ten years or so…

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