Needle Felting – yet another craft

Every time someone asked me if I had tried needle felting, or indeed any type of felting, I would feign dis-interest or answer honestly; “I have too many crazy hobbies as it is to add anymore to the mix” Well that was then and this is now. I now have a child who plays with things and well, woolen felted people and animals are so much nicer than their plastic counter parts. They have more texture and personality. Without further ado here is attempt number one:
I used this tutorial initially. Changed it up a little. Followed some videos from this lady and then kinda made the rest up. Its not what I want totally but its a start. His legs are not bendy and he cannot stand up by himself. I also used mostly wool I had lying around (brought the skin colour) and I was gifted the foam pad and needle.

I have decided needle felting is awesome and I have designed the man’s lady friend in my workbook (it will of course be an “improved version”). I have brought the colours for her hair and outfit and am ready to stab myself by mistake over and over again for my craft. I had no idea how satisfying it would be to watch it all mat up and compress to make a shape YOU specified (even when bleeding!). Oh the possibilities…

All you need to do is look on Pinterest for some amazing work. Do not take my attempt as an example of even a inkling of what is possible with my new found hobby! I have of course started my own board

Oh and does my child like it? He smiles and says “man” when he sees it then when it does not fit in his siku digger he puts it “way” in his toy box. But if he likes it or not its irrelevant for version 1.

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