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She’s pretty intense so don’t switch off because she scares you! Libby Weaver has a really important message. If you can only take on a small amount on she can help. I have drastically reduced how much sugar I commonly eat, or caffeine I drink in the last 6 or so months. I decided to do this after I brought her cookbook and read her introduction. I usually just grab it for ideas and jump off points as it has good guidelines to follow in terms of what not to eat when your eating potatoes or rice ect and what foods will help you get what you need from your food. I also try and get in more nutrient dense food throughout the day. With smoothies and healthier snacks. Not just the sugar and flour options that seems to be the easiest to make and find. I feel SO MUCH better than what I did and I now keep to a nice enough weight to keep me from feeling rotten about myself. Without the huge amounts of exercise (which I need to do more of!). I love her “rushing women’s syndrome” message too. I guess what I am trying to say is that I hear how people are struggling with sugar addiction, or going on chocolate binges – I have been there and it never felt good. This little change in attitude and constant desire to try other sorts of food has been an enormous help.  I have not gone totally health mad overnight, just a little bit here and there and its working and I’m not stopping. There are little “off the path” sugar binges but then I get straight back to eating how I was and those sugar binges are becoming less and less attractive. In fact now if I am given a yummy baked goods, I give it to Kylie to take to work and be shared among many after I have one piece with a cuppa and REALLY enjoy just that, instead of scoffing it all back for a “pick me up” throughout the day. I feel like I have a way to go though. I really want to have less wheat (not no wheat, just less) and try to figure out how to make good food that toddlers/kids like and adults.. that is easy and quick to make (with a toddler interrupting constantly)! I will probably write more about all of this in future because I have come across quite a few good recipe websites and blogs, books and even made up my own recipes along the way. I would love to share them more!

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