End of November Vegetable Garden Update

Well I must say I am pretty chuffed with how the garden is going, I am now a “bio intensive” convert! The bed that got the best the plant food and also gets the best sunshine is now going gang busters, the others have various amounts of sun and whatever leftovers of garden food there was, all double dug as much as possible, these are chugging along. Slower, with more bug problems than the others. Pretty much what I have been used to seeing in the garden in the last few years with my ‘ad hock’ approach. I feel a lot better having a “method” to follow and, to be honest, far more motivated too!

Some details: Garlic has rust! I am blaming that on me over watering and it getting a tad too much shade from a tree next to the bed. Seeds for beetroot and carrots getting there, albeit quite sluggish (shadey tree, not double dug.).

Tomatoes, brassicas and silver beet in my middle, sunniest beds are big and happy.

Bed on the left is half Asparagus (I have let the weeds get too big, now I don’t know what to do with it, incase i disturb the Asparagus roots.. sigh) Right is happy Tomatoes.

Courgettes in a less than the sunniest spot, (but not too bad) are growing really well. They are planted quite close together so I will try to keep them well fed.

Courgettes and the rest of the Chard and Kale, at the end is some Oats and Peas.

After some help clearing the beds around the deck we brought some store compost and I have planted out a carbon crop of Amaranth and in the brick tubs I have Beans (thanks Kate!), herbs and Henrys Bush toms. I also put in some peas and oats down the side of the house and plan to put some more seeds down that whole length of that in the next few weeks.

Kylie clearing and double digging the bed next to the deck, everything all filled up.

I am slowly reading and watching all sorts of gardening info to try and get an initial composting/garden feeding system all setup, but for now I am using sheep pellets, weed tea, worms castings, store brought compost, and mulching with your standard pea straw. I only had enough compost for maybe one and half beds after the winter so its hardly sufficient! There will be more info on all of this as I work it all out. My mum gave me a Refractometer to help measure BRIX in your plants for Christmas, I plan on learning to use this to help me see whats working and what isn’t.

The weather has been crazy dry, keeping up with the watering has been quite hard. I hope to come up with a better system for that too. Love hand watering but some days it just takes too long.

Last but not least, the little bean thats taking up most of my time has turned one! ONE. She has only JUST started sleeping through (with some effort on our part!), if you count waking up at 5.30am as sleeping through that is…

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