This is a personal blog dating all the way back to ages ago. I have been writing it on and off since 2007. Before that I had a Vox blog. In those years I have run a web design business, worked, freelanced and become a mother to two fantastic kiddos. Always taking pictures as I go. What I enjoy doing is pretty much the same now as it was ten years ago, but whats really important has changed. The future has started to look different. Kids do that to you! So in order to try and turn this planet into a nurturing place for my kids, their kids and everyone! I have decided to focus my blog on gardening, living in communities, creating stuff and making informed responsible choices around products we buy and doing our best to live life fully and simply (without having to buy a big property in the middle of nowhere). Perhaps doing some of the work and research for others, so that we are not all doing it separately. Saves time and we get there faster. Hope you enjoy the read. Thanks for visiting!