Inspired: Angie Lewin

One whole year ago I thought I should blog about this amazing lady. Finally I am getting around to it! Angie Lewin, a British Printmaker/Artist business woman extraordinaire . I brought her book with my birthday money when wandering around my favorite bookshop “Minerva” in Wellington last year. I saw the cover and was drawn in. LOVE her work, I get it… It makes me want to make stuff.Angie Lewin book
Angie Lewin book
Angie Lewin book

To be honest I only recognized her work, I didn’t actually know who she was. But now I do! I have read the book cover to cover and spent much longer looking at all the pictures. It never stays on the bookshelf long before I take it down to flick through and feel inspired to draw, paint, design.

Here are some piccies of some things I have made pretty much directly inspired by her work.

A wardrobe door mural for Quinn’s room.
Quinn's wardobe

A baby mobile I drew then traced in illustrator – this has been printed and glued together several times as gifts for people having babies. Something fun for baby (the black and white picture) and the print is a bit more grown up for the big kids suddenly surrounding themselves with loads of baby stuff. Seems to go down pretty well with both!
baby mobile

Poor Quinn got the slightly more messy prototype (as will probably be my kids lot in life) I found the best one was one with proper thin nylon rope from a hardware store and small pom poms as the ‘beads’ great way to use up yarn, much quicker than these crocheted beads and the nylon thin rope looks much tidier. But you get the idea!

There are quite a few random sketches and things aswell, none really that interesting! But the point is I am getting my arty self moving.

You don’t need to book to be suitably inspired – just go to her website. Or buy all sorts by her and similar artists through this online shop.

House and Garden

Well the little guy is growing and moving quite happily right now. I must confess that I don’t think I am one of the ladies that ENJOYS being pregnant. I feel a bit old lady before my time. Symptoms could be much worse too! I don’t know how some woman do this over and over. I just keep remembering to myself about the end goal. Kylie has also been very attentive so I am well looked after!

Mostly I wanted to write to show you whats been happening around our wee house for the last few months. SO MUCH.

around_the_house_and_garden 18 around_the_house_and_garden 1

around_the_house_and_garden 15 around_the_house_and_garden 14

Getting Plastered!

around_the_house_and_garden 16 around_the_house_and_garden 13

New Gate! Almost done.

around_the_house_and_garden 17

Really cannot justify missing out the recently built “Man Bench”. If we have an earthquake guess where we are hiding? Kylie is quite proud of this one. All the people that come over get shown the new construction.

Some Garden:

around_the_house_and_garden 12 around_the_house_and_garden 9

Want basil and tomatos to be big NOW. I can just imagine the taste.

around_the_house_and_garden 11 around_the_house_and_garden 10

Gone to seed Spinach (I eat anyway!) and lettuce.

around_the_house_and_garden 8
Its a corgette (zucchini) baby! I planted four of these plants and slugs ate three of them! I now have some happy little seedlings growing forth thanks to an old flatmate. Thanks Esther! I am looking forward to eating these soon.

around_the_house_and_garden 7 around_the_house_and_garden

We have a few flowers in out garden – none planted by us. All here when we arrived. The white roses and lavender are EVERYWHERE. And they both smell great and flower in great abundance.

I have yet to take a photo of our red climbing rose, its gets alot of love from our visitors. The only thing we have done to our flowers this year is prune. So they are a little eaten. I am hoping in the next few years to start giving the decorative parts of our garden some love. But for now they do what they do with not alot love, but give us so much!

A few things I have let go in the last month or so:

  • I have come to ignore the weeds in the garden for my time is better spent elsewhere (for now!)
  • renovating yourself will mean it won’t be perfect and thats quite alright
  • sometimes your plants get eaten by more than just you. Just keep planting
  • stop comparing myself to other peoples house and gardens, ours is perfect however it looks! (this is a skill i need to get better at)

So many photos! This really is a small taste of what we have been up to recently. Its a rather nice reminder for me on how far we have come and how much we have achieved. (Must be showing Kylie some before and after shots!) We have actually been feeling over whelmed of late about how far we have to go, so this blog post is rather timely and has kicked me right out of it!