Watercolour – another new hobby

Awhile ago I realised I needed something arty that I could pick up and put down in a moment. Something that worked with little ones and their unpredictable interruptions. Something that could look nice with quick washes, a book to help with colour mixing and maybe just maybe something that could end up being quite useful to make some sort of career out of as I get better at it. I decided that watercolour was the most logical choice and I have been having quite a lot of fun with it. The below is my first attempts at trying out different “styles” playing with colour and coming up with a nice end print for Little Man’s wall.

cars2 cars

Newness and not having to go back there again!

Baby Quinn Hills 10


The newborn Quinn.

I went to see a new mum and her delicious bundle of joy the other day. One month old and completely sleepy, making those tiny baby sounds that one forgets about about when yours becomes a screaming giggling chatty little busy man. He moved in such a small baby way – that does tend to freak “new to baby” people out (even me a little). I was there amazed at how well she seemed to be going, remembering my just hanging on – but loving it too.. It took me back in ways I would not expect. Yes I was clucky again for newness! Goodness yes, but after hearing the broken drifting conversation between the two new mums – as I made sure my one year old was fed, I was fed and he did not break their house… would I go back to the virgin couple with newborn mode? h**** no! Knowing so little figuring everything out as you went, reading books and crying out “MY BABY DOESN’T DO THAT!!”.  By far the worst (and still is) is the constant second guessing yourself and the caring about what other people thought when it came to diapers, clothes, how he was crying, should or shouldn’t he be having a dummy, when were his naps, breastfeeding blah blah blah…(you mums know what I mean). GO back to that, I don’t think so. So in a few words, being a mum to a small boy and not a baby anymore. Loving it, I feel like I have my feet, my routine and my life on track. Being back in that foggy haze of new mum land.. as much as those wonderful hormones rocked my world… so so happy I will never be there again, in quite that way. When and if number two comes along I will be a slightly more mature (maybe?!) seasoned mum and will know whats ahead and will have made all those decisions already. So that I can get on with my life in a way that means no conversations about diapers, dummies and the like. My baby turned one on Saturday, he really is looking very little boy now. I love him so much like this, he makes me burst out in laughter all the time, his absolute love for anything and everything, the giggles when he buries his grubby hands in cat fur, his furious passionate screams when nothing goes as planned… Ahh my son you are taking on life full steam ahead.

Baby Quinn

Baby Quinn Hills 6

Its been a very long time since I have had anything to say here. I guess with baby making and working hard to get all the important stuff done before the arrival of the little guy I might have had the time but certainly not the brain power! Infact I am posting now to see if I can kick back some brain power. Because I am currently OBSESSED with my wee guy. I felt it happen too. I still had my facilities even after he was born, but in the last three weeks all I can now think about is Quinn Quinn Quinn. Talk about some funky amazing hormones to make sure this guy thrives. When he is napping elsewhere but on me in the Moby wrap (where he is snoring right now) I just collapse on the sofa and watch TV! This is my attempt to kick start myself back into brain use, through blogging. I can perhaps fill you in on all the things I have been making in the last few months… which is MANY, mostly of the baby persuasion! First though here are some piccies of the coolest thing I have ever made. EVER (thats the baby). After this I will try to refrain from too many baby photos…

Some knitwear I made a wee while ago:
Baby Quinn Hills 13

Bright eyes:
Baby Quinn Hills 5

Auntie Cara:
Baby Quinn Hills 2

Sporting a muma made bib
Baby Quinn Hills 17

Sweet baby face
Baby Quinn Hills 15