Sweater knit – sans the ring!

Well I have knit my dream man his dream sweater – or actually MY dream sweater for my dream man… Here is the handsome man his self:
Kylie's new sweater
Thankfully we do not need to worry about the lack of the ring on my finger – because he loves it. (side note: Knitting lore states that you can only knit your man a sweater if you are married or engaged. Because if he doesn’t like the sweater and does not wear it then a break up will surely happen.) A bit too much as I find myself fussing over it pulling off the pills and looking at the elbows worrying about wear. As you do.

This is great pattern for knitting mindlessly for long stretches (all I have headspace for right now). I did start it a few times and pulled it out as I attempted to get the sizing right. I started a small part of sleeve and then the body and then the body again as I worked out the best size and needle size to knit in. Eventually we got there! If I am going to use THAT much yarn and spend that much time I really don’t mind taking the time to work it out. The upside down Simone way.

The pattern is by one of my favorites, Brooklyn Tweed and the yarn I got on sale from Skeinz! Its in the round and eventually knit all in one piece, so he can try it on towards the end and say things like “O dear its too small” which you stubbornly refuse to listen to, knitting on to find your instincts were correct and it was the PERFECT size.

Talking about Skeinz.. I am off to Knit August nights in Napier this weekend! Looking forward to fibre geek paradise and being wowed by many a knitters prowess! Yay!

Knitting for comfort

With crazy life once in a life time events happening around me and to me right now, phrases like “keep calm and carry on”, “nothing lasts forever” and “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Hold a whole other type of resonance I never thought possible. I may be able to explain all of these emotions and observations one day without feeling overwhelmed. But according to the documentation with methods to cope in times like these, I need to limit my thoughts and musings until its all processed and I can chat about it with introspective wisdom and tranquility! Until that day I will knit, crochet, spin and make until I have so many garments that remind me of this time it won’t be funny.

The kitty hat pattern

Luckily for us occasions to celebrate birthdays, seasons changing and friends needing knitwear is never stopped for such things as earthquakes! My first installment post earthquake is a hat yet to be photographed due to it being given to its owner quick smart! (I will try and get one this weekend.) Second installment was a hat for a dress up party celebrating a friend’s 30th. The theme was Beauty and the Beast. Kylie dressed in a top hat and jacket with tails and went as a “Beauty” I went as a Beast – with a knitted kitty hat.

dressup-kittyhat 1

I knitted it up that day on impulse – just to see if i could knit a simple hat in a day. Turns out I can. I have not really stopped wearing it since. The yarn is so soft, so comforting. That and the cold beginning to envelope us here as autumn descends, knitwear is starting to be worn in abundance. All I need it knitted pants I will be entirely clothed in my own knits!


Next installment is a Kylie sweater. I have wanted to knit him one for awhile. I was going to attempt to make an Elizabeth Zimmerman number and wing it a bit. But when Jared from Brooklyn Tweed released this pattern called “Brownstone” I knew it would be perfect from my casual but practical other half, I showed it to him and he agreed. Sorry Elizabeth! I will knit your fair isle sweater for myself next perhaps.

Yarn Bombing in Christchurch

Christchurch has been through a bit in the last few months. Never before have I seen so yarn bombing around, its probably related to the big old shake. Its almost like crafter/knitters/artists are wrapping the city up to comfort it. I find myself loving it and admiring it.

Yarn Bombing in ChristchurchYarn Bombing in Christchurch

Yarn Bombing in ChristchurchYarn Bombing in Christchurch

I do see some thrifted items in there – but to be honest I felt myself unwilling to part with even my yarn odds and ends to comfort something that doesn’t feel the cold quite like I do. Doesn’t stop me loving it though.

There are a few items worth mentioning that are a direct and nice result from the Earthquake.

There is an exhibition going on at the Christchurch Art Gallery directly aimed at us to help rebuild Christchurch how we want it. I am rather keen that what replaces our oldest buildings should be beautiful in their own right. We need to think about it and have our say. The Before and After website also has dates for public discussions on the rebuild… think I might go. I love my little ChCh.

I saw this article on Design Daily about putting temporary parks and green spaces throughout Christchurch in the empty lots buildings used to be. Might head over to the next session on planting… love a spot of gardening. You know what my dream is right? Community vegetable/food gardens… if we find a space that’s not so “temporary” creating a kick ass community garden in Central Christchurch. How amazing would that be?