Spinning a Yarn – Logo Design


I wanted to start Monday with some deliciousness. So without further adue i show you my newest little purchase. Some 100% SILK 4ply yarn from Spinning a Yarn. Yes it is that shiny and luxurious. Infact, the colour is more subtle and varied than the photo can depict. Even better!

I haveĀ ulteriorĀ motives however, I designed the logo too. This is the testing ball band Jess printed the logo on and sent to me (how I was told what logo she chose!).

Jess has been dying her own yarn for awhile now and has been open for business selling her fibres since the beginning of this year (or there abouts) every time I go to her site and Etsy she has something new cooking up – she’s the one to watch!

Now some chit chat about the logo. Jess wanted a logo with some movement in it. The logos she sent through to me were all in script typefaces with the letters linking up. The main customers really vary in age in the area of around 25-when ever one feels they dont want to spin or knot anymore…. which is when? So it needed to approachable by a huge age group. The colour red also felt very ‘right’ to Jess.

The results where several logos… and she picked this one!

spinning a yarn logo
The typefaces are, Black Jack and Poetica.