Godley Heads Gun Emplacements Walk

For quite sometime I have felt no desire to blog. There was no room in my head. Make no mistake – I could probably make time. But you know when you just cannot face something? Or even think about it? Its not like I don’t LIKE blogging, its just I have been so mentally occupied. It wasn’t just the blog either, it feels like many things have been put on the back burner. Slowly however I am starting to feel like me again. Taking more photos for the sake of it, even a bit of art. Here are some shots of a walk Kylie and I managed to take when a friend of ours put our wee man to bed, allowing us to get out that much earlier to catch the lovely light.

Banks Pennisular Gun Emplacements
Banks Pennisular
inside old gun emplacements
old gun emplacements
banks penninsular
banks penninsular
banks penninsular
banks penninsular
banks penninsular
banks penninsular
banks penninsular
banks penninsular
banks penninsular
banks penninsular

I feel very out of practice with the photo taking these days! Its usually my point and shoot with kiddo and chaos reigning. It might be time to start hauling around the big camera even for the standard family outings. Get the hang of it again. Not to mention I am using Kylie’s camera after selling mine. I need to get used to a whole new camera!

Making Websites again…. but not by myself.

Well life’s been far from quiet as of late. I have started working again! As a contractor for Board of Design. Setting them up so that they can offer web design and development as a service. It works perfectly for me right now. It allows me to “leave the office” (well for the most part) and be mum at home in a very flexible setup. Ensuring my little man is never far from home for very long, thanks to an awesome day care, grandad and my partner (the daddy) taking some time off work to be with him too. It’s really not a huge amount of work. But it has been just enough. Which is all I am thinking about for now! I have a few very cool projects in the works. Will post up here when they are done.

But for the mean time….. I have not stopped taking pictures! Here are a few from a wee trip one weekend we all headed into town for free Tram rides…as a result this mum got some free time to play with her camera in The Christchurch Botanic Gardens. What me take photos of plants? That’s new! ūüėČ






Christchurch Botanic Gardens


Winter Wonderland

winter-wonderland 13
Out of the kitchen window

In the past few weeks winter has well and truly come. Quinn and I frequently find ourselves stuck inside waiting for rain and cold to pass. Rather out of the norm not long ago it was snow. Snow that fell ALL DAY. This happens not too often in Christchurch, (however it did happen last year – which we missed because we were in Cambridge) so I worried and felt child-like excitement all at the same time. I worried about the¬†electricity¬†supply rendering our only form of heating useless (planning on getting a logburner too.. eventually) I had Quinn’s wardrobe all decided should the power go off. I worried about Kylie who headed off to work that morning when it was only sleeting and his attempt to get home again on roads with cars not organised for such weather. But he did get home early enough to take Quinn and chuck me out the house so I could take some photos. Have I not a good partner? Here are the results:

winter-wonderland 11
Poor old Ducks, one duck came up to me for food. I chased him off the snow and back into the “steaming” pond.

winter-wonderland 10
winter-wonderland 8
winter-wonderland 7

winter-wonderland 6

winter-wonderland 4

At the lake

at-the-lake 16
There is a pretty lake in Cambridge. Lucky for us its on the way into town – well almost, I detour a little to walk around it on my way to do the odd shopping excursions. One afternoon I luckily brought my camera because the light down there was stunning and I have not managed to equal the shots since (I have tried).
at-the-lake 7
The name of the park is called Te Koutu Domain.
at-the-lake 2
Starting to count the days until we make it home. I dreamt about it last night… the painters had painted it in all the wrong colours, however the roof looked great!
at-the-lake 5
This little bird came to greet me upon arrival and posed for some photos… fantails are quite prolific here.
at-the-lake 19
Could not resist this shot in the lovely light!
at-the-lake 12
Last but not least – my favourite cafe is in pink hidden behind the trees, great coffee and tea selection, slices are delish and they have a great selection of interesting magazines. Hard to find all of that in the one cafe…
at-the-lake 14

More photos on flickr


A walk around the city

We went for our first walk around the cordons about a month ago, I know late posting! Here are some pictures I took. I did not break down or get all emotional or anything, in fact amongst the broken bits there is still our beautiful autumnal city, the streets are the same, trees were loosing their leaves and the seasons continue. That alone is a huge comfort. Band aids have been applied to the favorite buildings that are no doubt among the ones people would like to save. Empty lots are not empty gapping holes but an opportunity to put in something beautiful and/or useful.

I must say the media seems to be grasping at negative straws for stories these days and I am getting a little over it. I wish we could just get some facts on the quake and the rebuild and not the whining emotional¬†tripe we are getting right now. All I see is “not fast enough”, “why are they gardening in the red zone?” and more equally as silly articles. Think this though please journalists and editors: for example Gardeners¬†cannot fix roads or buildings, but if the city gets over grown, then when it come to reopening – how much work will it be to get up to scratch then? Just because they are keeping things tidy does not mean work on other things in the city goes any slower. AND Why should our people be working seven days a week? Surely they are as entitled to have time with their families and loved ones as you or I? In fact now more than ever they need to be their fighting best, which requires rest and happy times. Its no longer a disaster people, its just a job to get done. One last point, how on earth will we get people down here to help build if whats on offer are seven day weeks?

Feed the designer: inspired by Laurent Nivalle

Not long ago I signed up to a website that sent pretty pictures to my inbox once a week. This morning I follwed their link to this post with photos taken by Laurent Nivalle. I have downloaded a few pictures for you to see, but you should really head over to the other post to see the whole lot together they are such a nice nostalgic story. I am hankering to play with these colours and effects.

Laurent Nivalle
By Laurent Nivalle
Laurent Nivalle
By Laurent Nivalle

Go the website here: http://www.laurentnivalle.fr/
and blog: http://laurentnivalle.blogspot.com/

As for my music of choice I have another old school album for you from my student days. An album by a christchurch¬†musician Bic Runga. ¬†I am currently listening alot to her first album “drive” and the more recent one “birds

Would you like a video? Here ya go.

Have a great week!

Photos and things

The weeks have been full of activity and projects.
Below is a picture I took on the way up to a party at a lodge close to Craigiburn Ski field.
castlehill 1
This is my favorite shot and one of the first on the day (always the way) I have been hankering to go back and try and duplicate only this time with a tripod!

Here is one of the closeup shots i always go for:
tuesday 3

Here is some yarn i am thinking of knitting into a lacy scarfy shawl.
I have been knitting, sewing even embroidering! But have yet to take pictures. I went on a bit a craft bender after I unravelled some socks that didn’t fit. ūüôĀ So before starting those again i wanted to do some other things that have been looming and boy have i been loving the light relief!

As for light relief, those on facebook saw this little face I couldn’t resist taking a picture of.

Why I got out of bed

With the cold and dark mornings I am finding myself getting more and more interested in reading my book in bed and not pulling myself out from under the covers of my warm snuggly bed! This morning as I put my rather dull book down I looked up and saw sunlight peeping through the blinds, beckoning me to emerge from my cocoon for a walk. I am SO glad I did. Life of luxury I live sometimes. I am aware of how decadent this is, and for what its worth I am living it up…. Speaking of decadence I better get back to paying for it. Hope you all have a nice Tuesday.

frostymorning 7
frostymorning 1
frostymorning 2
frostymorning 3
frostymorning 6

Kylie’s Birthday Weekend

My wonderful man turned 32 last weekend. What did we do? Lots of things. I made us cake, we ate yummy food and we ran around taking photos. This weekend I am a little sick. But I did want to finish sorting out the photos. What seemed like we just missed the good stuff when the mist rolled in, on Saturday night was for me, a great trip out with many cool photos. The following Sunday morning we went to Godley Heads. The cloudy cold weather was a feature. This saturated the colours and made the sea look so blue! We ALL know how much I love blue!

Godley Heads

Sheep! Sea, on the hills

Worsleys Track
Clouds rolling in over Christchurch. 15th May 2010

Worsleys Track

15th16thmay2010 3

15th16thmay2010 2

15th16thmay2010 4

Things to do this week, update Ravelry! I have so many crafty projects of late that need logging in somewhere. I’m also very excited, i signed up for the vintage purls winter sock club! Bit of a treat, but I need something to knit while I spin up all my yarns for my next knitting garment craze I feel coming on. I have a bunch of great websites to design this week that had to get pushed out to allow for¬†copious¬†amounts of napping and ¬†cups of tea, while i did work – rested – did more worked – rested… I felt¬†intensely¬†guilty for not being a busy working person but sometimes your body just says . NO. Sleep now. Mmmm sleep, might have another nap this afternoon.