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Web Design Services

Website Design

Websites are a door to your business to gain insight and inspiration for your customers. I can give you an affordable website reflecting your business using the latest and greatest technology practices.

Not only do I care about the geeky side but also how your website is used and navigated, and finally the most fun part – how it looks.

See more about me and my experience here

E-commerce Websites

The ultimate for myself in web design is designing online shops that help my customers sell their products. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing they are making their living off a shop I helped create. In the end its your products and work that sell! But if I can have a hand in making your dream come true I am often honored and excited by the privilege. Cheesy I know!

I enjoy working with an Ecommerce platform called Shopify. They offer a great service that just keeps on getting better and I have the peace of mind knowing my clients site is in safe in their hands. Keeping me from worrying about outdated software leaving you high and dry in times you cannot afford an often expensive upgrade (By having your website on Shopify you are always on the latest release.) Go to the Shopify site here to see more.

Email Marketing

Sending out email newsletters and product releases that keep your customers updated is hugely successful for some of my clients. Others it does not really suit their customer base. But is used effectively to keep your company in the front of your customers minds.

I use two rather cool email marketing platforms, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor these are pretty awesome and easy for both myself and you to use. I can set you up a newsletter template once and you send out your newsletters from that point on, or I can put something custom together for you each and every time you need it. You choose.

Website Maintenance

My relationship with you and your website does not stop after the website is live. I want your website to work for your business all the time! Small changes and adjustments can make a huge difference in getting people to buy from you or give you a call. If your finding something is not working as expected then I can change it. We can see if it works and go from there.

Illustration and Graphics

I can make you up a logo or and illustration to suit your website. If you want something special for your site, just ask, it may cost less than you think.

Example Packages

Basic 5 page static website : $900

These days if you run a business you almost certainly need a website. This package gets you up and running looking polished and professional. All the latest techniques are used to ensure your site holds it head above the crowd, without looking like something your cousin did on the cheap.

You Get:

  • A custom design to suit your business
  • Design applied to five pages
  • Advise on writing your content
  • Content inserted and styled to suit the aesthetic.
  • Optional hosting with us.


Extra pages: $100 per page

Hosting: $10 a month: $100 per year.

Any extra work is charged out at $90 an hour

Basic WordPress Website : $1500

Your business is not static your website doesn’t have to be either. Using the world class open source content management system and blogging platform WordPress you can login and change not only the content on the pages, but images, galleries, menu items and more if you so wish. The most important thing is that your website reflects your business’s changes and growth with ease.

You Get:

  • A custom design to suit your business.
  • Design applied to five pages.
  • Five pages of content inserted and formatted.
  • Your website working within WordPress so you can login and edit it at any time.
  • Advise on writing your content.
  • Optional hosting with us.


Blog/news page design: $250

Hosting $15 per month: $170 per year

Any extra work is charged out at $90 an hour