The Producers

The ProducersI went to see the court theaters production “The producers” this week. I had recently seen the movie and enjoyed it, so was looking forward to seeing it on stage. It did occur to me it was a very small setting and stage to have such a flamboyant loud fun musical preformed on.

The conductor conducted from his piano (my old music teacher at high school.. one of the best musical producers in chch) to a camera (i think) The set was REALLY clever, half the time I was grinning ear to ear on the sheer coolness of it. I overheard an attendant showing off to someone in the foyer on how the cast did everything from lighting to moving around sets. The costumes were fab, some clearly inspired by the movie, others probably limited by time and budget, but still wonderful enough that you probably couldn’t tell.

Now as for the overall play, it was a full blown extravaganza in a small space. I enjoyed myself from the back, thought it was a blast, I do like feeling in the thick of things. Some friends of mine thought it was “ambitious” and quite full on for a small stage. So if you like to watch from a distance perhaps this isn’t for you. But if you want to feel like your IN the play not just watching it… this came pretty close.

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