The Google Zurich Offices

In the computer geek world Google is said to be the coolest place to work and the best company to work for. The link has been circulated around our office of the latest album of images of their offices in Zurich.

This image here has gotta be my favourite space, alothough the slide down to the cafe and the pods were coming in as a close second. Work space is so important to me and this image is like a wee dream… If it was somewhere I worked, every time I walked into it, I would smile. 🙂


The latest plot or project might just be some wee curtains and pot plants in my studio….

I love to think of what the office would be like if Google had some open in Christchurch. I like to think it would have a cool New Zealand style. Showing not only the native/unique design stuff, but the wonderful mixture of Asian and European cultures aswell. I mean really, how could you NOT be creative working in a place like this?

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